Below is a diverse overview of assignments that I have been able to carry out in recent years.

Rob Linssen - Planet Wellness

  • 1999-2022: Information specialist, trainer and frontend developer:
  • 1999-2007: guidance and training of independent entrepreneurs in E-Commerce.
  • 2008-2009: PC training MS Office given in reintegration project Municipality of Gorinchem.
  • 2010-2022: Developed and built various websites, including React and Redux.
  • 2020: sabbatical.
  • 2021-2022: Frontend and Backend training.

Uw Regiosupport

  • 2018-2020: Operational manager: Operational management of employees and external forces, of a company supporting SMEs in the field of marketing, ICT, business advice, administration and websites, web shops and print media. In short, everything that an SME does not do, has no time for or does not understand.

Backbone Company

  • 2016-2018: Location manager, projectmanager. Managed 25 employees. Company in Omnichannel IT business supporting websites as well as webshops as well as print media for companies such as Quantore, Zodiac, Royal Talens, AGU, and many more.

GMT (now AMCS)

  • 2014-2016: Senior IT Project Manager. Supervising large implementations of software for the waste processing industry. Projects for Sita/Suez, Aspen, Cycle Gouda, Municipal Works Utrecht, HVC.


  • 2012-2014: IT Project Manager. Running IT projects from start to finish, pivot between customer and Jool. Time management, managing developers, budget monitoring and accountability, functional testing. Regular use of Agile/Scrum methodology. Clients include Intratuin, BP, Benegas, Bridgemate, Pax, Luba, ISIC.

Police Gooi- en Vechtstreek en Flevoland

  • 2010-2011:
    • Project manager and project leader merging DIV van Gooi and Flevoland, and making Utrecht-proof in the meantime, in connection with. merger with Utrecht. Make an inventory of the possibilities and needs of 2 police forces and translate them into an action plan for merging the information departments of both police forces.
    • Responsible for project management, as well as role of project controller to set up and monitor budgets.
    • Coordinator Post and Archive Department (DIV). Leadership to 8 people. Result: DIV merger plan written and in effect, absenteeism from 10% to 1%.

Mercer HR Consulting

  • 2000-2004: Project manager Internet:
    • Built up Internet and Intranet, manuals and procedures/processes written/described for adoption by colleagues.
      Developed online programs to calculate pension scenarios and other fringe benefits, including tax effects.
    • Company structure mapped and based on this data build the websites.
    • Marketing through email marketing and search engine optimization.


  • 1998-1999: International Project Manager and Change Manager: EDI-TIE is an international software house (Nowadays: Tie-Kinetics). I have set up and managed an internal development process with regard to setting up marketing and support. I was the point of contact for all resellers/agents from abroad and for promoting sales abroad. Result:  Site set up for reporting problems and FAQ etc. to provide support 24/7. Much consultation with various employees/colleagues in about 20 countries, online training given.